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YTT Touchscreen Mist Cleaner, Screen Cleaner Spray, Fingerprint Cleansing, Screen Cleaner for You iPad, Laptop, MacBook…

【Highlights of product】 a spray a wipe, It is easy to carry with its size of a lipstick, it is soft for its super fiber cloth and do not hurt the screen, It can be used repeatedly, it can be used after cleaning and drying.
【Functions】cleaning, Clean the touchscreen, Scope of useing: Currently using for cellphone/ tablet PC/notebook PC/indicator/television screen.
【Advantage】Faint fragrancel, a spray a wipe, convenient and practical.【Using methods】1. Spray the cleaner head to the screen at a distance of 1-2 from the 3.9in 2. go stains by gently wiping the super fiber cloth on the bottle. 3. After wiping, it is as clean as new.

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Make your touchscreen as good as new with YTT‘s Spray and Wipe Cleaner! This practical and convenient product is a musthave for any device with a touchscreen. Its size is like a lipstick, easy to carry and fits into any pocket, and its super fiber cloth is soft and won‘t damage your screen. It also has a faint fragrance, making the cleaning process a more pleasant experience. With just one spray and one wipe, your touchscreen will be good as new. It is suitable for any device such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Our cleaning solution is composed of deionized purified water and surfactant, and there may be some sediment in the fluid, but it is a normal component and can be used with confidence.

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